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Walliwall Liberator Memorial

On a cool, but dry, May morning a short remembrance service was held today at Walliwall in Kirkwall's western outskirts. After a prayer and act of commemoration by the Reverend David Dawson, Leslie Burgher, Honorary Norwegian Consul for Orkney, welcomed nine members of the Ottersland family from Arendal in Norway, representatives of OIC, Orkney Builders, Kirkwall Royal British Legion, RAFA, ARGOS and Orkney Norway Friendship Association to the Orkney air crash site with the heaviest wartime loss of life. After Legion President Bryan Taylor laid a wreath and Chairman Eddy Ross recited Binyon's "For the Fallen", Leslie gave a brief account of the crash and explained that Orkney Builders will incorporate a memorial to those killed while completing new housing at the site.

Convener Steven Heddle invited those attending to the Council Chambers, where the memorial stone was formally handed over by the Ottersland family to Charlie Kemp, MD of Orkney Builders. Seven crew of a B24 Liberator bomber of 856th Bomb Squadron, USAAF and its six OSS Norso passengers died in the crash at Walliwall on 31 March 1945. After aborting because of bad weather the drop of the OSS agents near Trondheim to hinder German troop withdrawal, the B24 was probably trying to land at Hatston when it crashed at Walliwall. The new memorial will honour the fourteen men who took part in the dangerous mission, with only the second pilot, Peter Pulrang, parachuting out to survive.